Adoption Overview

As highly experienced Christian adoption professionals, totally dedicated to adoptions, we realize that adoption is a unique process with significant spiritual, legal, emotional, and practical ramifications. From the birth mother dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, to the couple struggling with infertility, adoption provides a very positive solution. At the heart of every adoption are loving hearts joining together in a giving and selfless act of love. Rather than giving up her child, by choosing the loving choice of adoption, the birth mother has peace of mind knowing that she is “giving to” her child a secure and wonderful life, a life filled with advantages and opportunities that only adoption can provide. Likewise, adoptive parents are giving the child a stable and loving two-parent home in a secure family setting.

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Our adoption attorneys assist the following persons in loving adoptions:
• Birth Mothers
• Prospective Adoptive Parents
• Stepparents & Relatives
• Foster Parents & Children

Our two attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience in the practice of law. Almost 60 of those years have been spent focusing on the practice of adoption law. We provide services for the following:

Non-Relative/Private Intermediary Adoptions: Most of our adoptions involve placing a newborn infant with adoptive parents who are not related to the child. These are referred to as non-relative or intermediary adoptions. We seek to avoid foster care and place each newborn child into a loving home directly from the hospital.

Interstate Adoptions: We process adoptions for Florida adoptive parents wanting to adopt a child who is born or residing in a different state. We also handle adoptions for out-of-state residents desiring to adopt a Florida child.

Adult Adoptions: If you wish to adopt an adult we can assist with that process.

Foreign Adoptions: If you have adopted a child from a foreign country, we can process the re-finalization or domestication of the adoption. We can also obtain a new birth certificate from the United States.

Adoption Home Studies: We can assist in arranging for an adoption home study.