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If you are looking for skilled and experienced adoption attorneys, you have come to the right place. At the Adoption Center, we have two adoption attorneys with almost 60 years of combined adoption experience. We assist both birth parents and adoptive parents. Whether you are seeking assistance with a non-relative newborn adoption, a foster child adoption, a stepparent or grandparent adoption, or any other kind of adoption, we can assist you.

Our firm is staffed by highly experienced and compassionate Christian attorneys who are totally dedicated to adoption. Adoption is not just a legal matter – it’s a family matter, filled with charged emotions and the opportunity to make miracles happen. We can help you give a precious child a wonderful life in a loving home. Whether you are a birth mother, prospective adoptive parent, grandparent, foster parent or anyone else looking to adopt, we invite you to call us today.


The Adoption Center is staffed by two highly experienced and dedicated attorneys.

Learn more about them by visiting their pages:

• Robison “Rob” Harrell
• Alice H. Murray


Our attorneys’ achievements and accolades include the following:

• Highest Score on Florida Bar Exam
• Member of American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
• President of Florida Adoption Council
• Recipient of Florida Adoption Council’s statewide Adoption Star Award
• President of Florida Association of Adoption Lawyers
• Board of Directors for Florida Adoption Council
• Secretary of Florida Adoption Council
• Director of New Hope Adoption Agency
The Adoption Center has assisted birth mothers, adoptive parents, grandparents, stepparents, foster parents, relatives, and other parties in ensuring that the adopted children have safe, loving, opportunity-filled homes. We assist with in-state, interstate, and foreign adoptions. Let us help you make a miracle happen. Contact us today to start your journey.