Relative Adoptions

Adoption Services for Stepparents & Relatives

Relative adoptions include adoptions of stepchildren, grandchildren and other relatives. They usually involve children who already have a warm, loving bond with the adopting stepparent or relative(s). The adoption gives formal legal status to the emotional bond that already exists. It also provides the child with a secure permanent home, certain legal protections, and financial benefits. In most cases, the federal government will reimburse the total cost of the adoption through the adoption income tax credit.

How We Can Help

With almost 60 years of combined adoption experience, our attorneys have devoted their careers to handling adoption cases. With offices across Northwest Florida, we work diligently to provide the advice and services you need throughout the adoption process. We also make every effort to finalize your adoption as quickly as possible.

As highly experienced Christian adoption professionals, totally dedicated to adoptions, we realize that adoption is a unique process with significant spiritual, legal, emotional, and practical ramifications. We offer personal, insightful, compassionate and experienced professional service.

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